Nice to meet you

Tiny Bear Productions was created by Kalli McCleary

I got started in film by helping out my sister (owner of Mississippi Pearl Photography) years ago. I would assist her on shoots for weddings and high-school seniors as a part-time job and eventually she let me take footage of clients from other angles.

I quickly fell in love with film for it's ability to tell a story like no other creative medium can.

I could immerse the viewer in an entirely new atmosphere through each film and convey profound feelings in just a few moments on a digital screen.

Coming out of college, film took a backseat to my job as a Marketing Manager for a local beverage manufacturing company but I missed having more creative control and wasn't able to do much in film. So I started up Tiny Bear Productions in February 2018 and have been in love with it ever since.

I'll be bopping around Eastern Iowa filming as much as I can for the foreseeable future so take a look at Tiny Bear Productions social channels and catch up on the blog to see what projects we're working on next!

See you around fellow Tiny Bears!