C'mon It's Just Life 4" x 2" Sticker

C'mon It's Just Life 4" x 2" Sticker


Not only are stickers sticky, they are wise.

This sticker is all about taking it easy. 2018 was exhausting and 2017 was no walk in the park. You deserve a mellow 2019 in my opinion.

Put this sticker on your fridge, in your car, on your laptop or on your dog to encourage a “you” that is less “chipmunk on cocaine” and more “sea lion in the sun”.

Think of this sticker as the 2018 version of “YOLO” with less bass and no music video.


  • 4” x 2”

  • High gloss vinyl

  • Indoor and Outdoor use

Note: you may need one or you may need five hundred depending on your specific level of neuroticism. I really can’t help you there. You must decide for yourself - but, seriously don’t overthink it.

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