Quad Cities Event Recap: 2018 NDA 3on3 Hockey Tournament

If you haven't gotten acquainted with QC Dek-Hockey, then let me tell you - you're missing out.

Over the last year and a half, I've transferred my love for sports and competitive nature to the game of dek hockey.

And it's fun. I mean, really fun.

I play with a wonderfully talented and kind group of women that are just as competitive as me. We really get into it and love to win.

This year, we entered an all-women's team (well, an almost all women's team except for one lone ranger) into a men's dek hockey tournament that is held every year right in our backyard at Crow Creek Park.

The tournament is packed with talented and inspiring hockey players. I knew I wanted to put together a film capturing the weekend in all of its' sweaty greatness.

Press play below for the clip! I tried to capture all levels of athletes from the little kiddos all the way up to the wicked impressive D1 teams!

Play to the end to find out who won the whole enchilada (and by enchilada, I mean the $5,000 prize!).

Tiny Bear Productions is the quad cities' go-to videographer.